Postdoctoral researchers and software scientists

If you are interested in a position as a postdoctoral researcher or software scientist in the Mobley Lab, please fill this Google Form (login will be required to upload attachments), and also e-mail David Mobley letting him know you’ve applied. Currently we are looking for people for:

  • Binding free energy calculations, both methodology and software
  • Force field work such as with the Open Force Field Initiative

Current openings often involve close collaborations with industry researchers to help develop and test methods which will rapidly be deployed in the pharmaceutical industry.

You may also want to consider applying to the Open Force Field Initiative and Open Free Energy. Both are run through the Open Molecular Software Foundation, so if you have strong software expertise you may want to consider applying there as well.

Graduate students

We take graduate students admitted through the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry Ph.D. programs. We do not take applications to the group directly. However, if you are interested in discussing opportunities in the group before or after applying, feel free to reach out.


We have openings for a limited number of undergraduate students in the group. Typically we only take students in their junior years or earlier, and we are typically looking for students with at least some level of programming experience, or at least demonstrated willingness to learn.