Grant Funding

We are thankful for financial support from the University of California, Irvine, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, OpenEye Scientific Software, Pfizer, Janssen, and the UC Multicampus-National Lab Research and Training program.. We’re also grateful for financial support from Sandia, in collaboration with Susan Rempe and Dongmei Ye.

We are also grateful for NSF (and NSF MolSSI) support for workshops and other meetings we have organized and/or been involved with, as well as numerous software vendors (OpenEye, Schrodinger, CCG, and others) for support for our series of free energy workshops. Vertex has also been a wonderful host for these and has contributed substantially to their support.


We have, or have previously had, fellowship support from a wide range of sources. These include the Brazilian Science Without Borders program, administered by LASPAU, the NSF Graduate Fellows program, and the NSF Molecular Sciences Software Sustainability Institute. We’ve also worked with the Open Force Field Initiative via the Open Molecular Software Foundation. We also have had a DOE Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship recipient in the group.

Computer Time and Other Resources

We are thankful for computing support from the UCI Research Cyberinfrastructure Center, supported in part by NSF Grant CNS-1828779, and previously for NSF CHE-0840513 for support of the UCI GreenPlanet computer cluster. We also use the HPC3 cluster in UCI and the TSCC cluster supported by San Diego Supercomputing Centre.